What is a Leyline? How to Read your Hydraulic hose.

What is a Leyline? How to Read your Hydraulic hose.

Have you ever wondered what all the words across your hose means or are called; It is called a Leyline. in this post you would also learn what each of the items on the ley line of the hose describes. 

Parkerstore Nigeria Hose

First, we have the manufacturer’s name and logo which is Parker; a global leader in motion and control technologies.

Parkerstore Hose

Next, we have the NO-SKIVE symbol here, this means that this hose comes ready to assemble. 

After that, we have the Part number of the hose (421SN-16). This means the part number is 42, (1SN) stands for a single braided reinforced steel wire and the -16 is talking about the size which is 1 inch.

We can see the WP text which means working pressure i.e the highest amount of pressure the hose assembly can operate under. In this case, the working pressure of this hose is 8.8MPa which is the same thing as 88Bar. We can also see the temperature showing a range of -400C to 1000C which is the same thing as -400F to 2120F. This refers to the maximum and minimum temperature of the fluid passing through the hose.

Then on the hose you'll see the timestamp, in the case of this hose, it was manufactured in the second quarter of 2019 (2Q19), with the exact manufacturing time and date 23/25/04/19 printed on it.

Next, we see the SAE100R1AT which is the international standard of this hose. This standard is according to the Society of automotive engineering. The (R1) in the number is an industry standard popularly known in the market to stand for one wire hose and the number -16 refers to the fact that it is one inch in size. Assuming that the number is -12, then it's going to be 3/4 inch. The next thing is the internal diameter which is 25mm in size, the 1W next to it represents 1 wire or 1 braided steel wire.  Finally the EN853/1SN/25/DIN, is just a repetition of all the description of this hose.

Now I believe after reading this, you should be able to identify the exact date that this hose was manufactured, who the manufacturer is, the pressure and temperature rating on the hose, the size of the hose because every bit of information you need to know about the hose is identified right there on the ley line. And if you are thinking of where you can get quality and authentic hoses, fittings or any Parker product, be sure to contact us